Cases & Appearances

The court hears Town of Farragut ordinance cases first and then concludes with traffic enforcement cases. 
If a party has received a summons to appear before the Town of Farragut Municipal Court and fails to appear on the appointed date, the municipal judge may enter a default judgment (including court costs) against him/her. Accordingly, if you receive a summons and cannot appear at the designated time, it is advisable for you to contact Municipal Court Clerk Alexis Crawford at (865) 966-7057, and formally request a postponement or continuance. Upon said request, Farragut's municipal judge will grant a 1-time automatic continuance. In these cases, the court clerk will reschedule your case to the next month's docket. After the first continuance, further postponements are subject to the discretion of the municipal judge and may be granted upon a showing of good cause.

Appearing Before the Judge
Anyone cited to appear before the Municipal Court may present his/her own case before the judge. This includes the right to present witnesses, documents, and other relevant evidence. The retention or use of an attorney is up to the discretion of the party.

Court Clerk
The Municipal Court Clerk is responsible for maintaining the permanent court docket and all citations. The clerk also receives monies for fines and costs. The clerk's office is open during regular business hours as set by the Town of Farragut. The clerk may provide limited assistance for those who wish to appeal the Municipal Court's ruling to a higher court. You may contact Municipal Court Clerk Alexis Crawford at (865) 966-7057.

Court Status:

Court will convene as scheduled