Town of Farragut "#1 Most Business-Friendly City" in Tennessee

The Town was ranked as the Most Business-Friendly City in Tennessee for 2011 by the Beacon Center of Tennessee (formerly the Tennessee Center for policy Research). Farragut is home to stunning beauty, no property tax, the best public and private schools in the region, an extremely low crime rate, and an array of recreational opportunities shopping dining, and culture. What you might not know is how attuned and attentive to business Farragut is with support from our officials and Town staff. We are here to provide you with hands-on, real-time help to get you started and help you walk through any process. Yes, Farragut just may have it all - plus, an indescribable magic and warmth we can only explain like this: “Come on over and make your choice FARRAGUT, TN.”

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