Farragut’s transformation from a rural community to a premier bedroom community began 36 years ago in 1980 when the Town was incorporated to control its own destiny. Town officials strive to make Farragut a place where residents can enjoy the highest quality of life. To this end, developers are required to include a set-aside of 10 percent which can be left as passive open space or developed for recreational amenities such as walking trails, pools, tennis courts and clubhouses. Floodways, sink holes and other environmentally sensitive areas are generally included in this 10 percent. Sidewalks and greenway links are other required elements that improve the safety and connectivity of Farragut’s neighborhoods.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Municipal Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Visual Resources Review Board along with the members of nine other volunteer Town committees are proud of the strides made in the past 36 years to control growth and encourage improvements to the area.