Everett Road Improvement Project

Project Description:  

The Town of Farragut is improving this narrow two-lane road from Union Road to Split Rail Lane with a completely new wider two-lane curbed section, a walking trail and sidewalk. The existing roadway, in most places, must be completely removed and rebuilt. The construction also requires upgrades to three concrete box culverts and a pipe culvert.  

Project Designer:

Robert G. Campbell & Associates, L.P.

Project Construction Engineering & Inspection:

Qk4, Inc.

Construction Contractor:

McKinnon Construction Co., LLC

Current Contract Amount:


Project Schedule:

Bid Opening: April 24, 2015
Notice to Proceed: June 4, 2015
Completion Date: on or before October 31, 2016


 Engineering Department (865) 966-7057

Status as of 10/1/2016: The section from Smith Road to Split Rail Lane is now open to through-traffic.  All work will not be complete when this section is opened to traffic and will it still be a Work Zone with a reduced speed limit. Temporary daily lane closures are possible, so delays can be expected. 

 The portion from Union Road to Smith Road is still accessible only to local residence living within this portion of the project. 
The project completion is currently on schedule.