Intro to Farragut Class of 2018

Intro to Farragut Reception
The evening of Wednesday, August 15 was well received by the participants of the Introduction to Farragut program. All members hope to walk away with more knowledge of how the Town works, what the future plans are, and how they can help be a part of that process. The Town appreciates these citizens who want to learn all they can about their local community.

2018 Class Member  Why do you want to part of the 2016 Intro to Farragut Program?
Walter Cook
Photo of Walter Cook
"As a resident of Farragut and in the real estate business, I believe this program would be extremely valuable. I am also looking for ways to give back to the community that has been so kind to me."
Haifa George
Photo of Haifa George
"I moved to Farragut last spring and want to get more involved in the community"
Jon Greene
Photo of Jon Greene
"I am considering volunteer work for the Town of Farragut and believe that this program would be of benefit for any position I might serve."
Jim Holladay
Photo of Jim Holladay
"Despite the fact that I have lived in Farragut for twenty-eight years, I find that I really don't know enough about how the town
actually works. I would like to expand that knowledge base."

Carol King
Photo of Carol King
"I'm interested in getting involved with parks & rec planning that would include parks and greenway trails."
Dean King
Photo of Dean King
"[I] live in Farragut and love this area and would like to learn more about it and possible volunteer opportunities."
Pamela Knierim  
Photo of Pamela Knierim
"I am anxious to become familiar with my new community. A friend who recently moved to Farragut took this course and strongly suggested that I take it also.."
Bill McManus
Photo of Bill McManus
"[I am] interested in learning about public service opportunities here in Farragut."
Susan McManus
Photo of Susan McManus
"I am excited to learn about my new community and how I can be an active member of the community."
Gordon Michaels
Photo of Gordon Michaels
"I believe that the Introduction to Farragut Program would help me to be a better volunteer/citizen and might prepare me to identify other ways in which I could help the Town in the future."
Barbara Murphy
Photo of Barbara Murphy
"Even though I don't live in Farragut, my entire life revolves around the town."
Skee Orr
Photo of Skee Orr
"Throughout high school, college, and my career, I have been civic-minded and have a passion for working together with others to improve the communities where I have lived. After seeing this class advertised, I knew I wanted to apply and am excited to learn more about this wonderful community."
Susan Roberts
Photo of Susan Roberts
 "To strengthen and support our community by promoting business growth, education and economic development and to become familiar with the history of the community in which I reside and work."
Scott Russ
Photo of Scott Russ
 "I am interested in gaining a deeper connection within my community and becoming more engaged in Farragut's cultural, political, financial, recreational, and civic environment and future improvement. In order to better my community, I want to better know my community."
Lisa Stalsworth
Photo of Lisa Stalsworth
"I am new to the area... I would like to learn more about the town that I am living in."
Kate Sultan 
Photo of Kate Sultan
"My husband and I moved to Farragut in January 2018 after selling our business and our home in Denver, CO. I enjoy giving back to my community and as a new neighbor I find volunteering is a great way to meet new friends."
 Jenna Tamborino
Photo of Jenna Tamborino
"...It is important to me that I am informed of the present and future missions of the Township. I am looking for a better understanding of the inner workings of our municipalities."