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Posted on: September 7, 2017

Town Partners with UT for Greenway Study

The Town of Farragut is partnering with the University of Tennessee departments of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries; Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science; and Plant Sciences to conduct a study of the Town’s four main greenways: Turkey Creek, McFee, Parkside and Grigsby Chapel. This study is part of a graduate-level thesis and research will be conducted by UT staff and graduate and undergraduate students.

The study includes two dimensions:

  • Inventory: Vegetation (including trees and plants) and water (include naturally occurring and stormwater) within the greenway and easement. While vegetation may be marked for inventory purposes, no trees or vegetation will be removed during this study. Research will not include any private property.
  • Survey: This is the human dimension aspect of the study and includes teams of researchers surveying willing greenway users about their experience on the greenways. Various questions include their frequency of use, why they use the greenway, likes and dislikes, etc., plus basic demographics including whether or not they are a Farragut resident.

This project is set to kick off in mid-September and will continue for approximately six months. Researchers will be readily identifiable by their yellow field vests and credentials. They will be onsite at the greenways at random times and days during the project duration. During the survey portion of this project, they may have a small tent and table set up at various entrances to the greenway.

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