Traffic Enforcement Program

Traffic Enforcement Locations

The Town's Traffic Enforcement Program was enabled by the Automated Enforcement Ordinance.

Four intersections were targeted due to the high traffic volume and number of red light violations surveyed by the Town's staff. These intersections were submitted to Redflex who then conducted two additional surveys, which confirmed the violation data collected by the Town.

Traffic enforcement is active at the following intersections:
  • Kingston Pike eastbound at Concord Road and Concord Road northbound at Kingston Pike
  • Kingston Pike eastbound at Campbell Station Road and Campbell Station Road southbound at Kingston Park
  • Kingston Pike westbound at Smith Road and Smith Road southbound at Kingston Pike
  • Campbell Station Road northbound and southbound at Parkside Drive / Grigsby Chapel Road

More Information

If you have been issued a citation, visit PhotoNotice (Town code: FARGTN) and view a video of the violation. For assistance if you have lost your citation, please call Redflex at (877) 847-2338.

If you have general questions about how the Traffic Enforcement Program works or if Redflex customer service is unable to answer your questions, please contact Farragut Program Manager Jennifer Duggan Davis at (865) 966-7057 or