Building & Fire Codes

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The Towns "Adopted Code Information" establishes the minimum requirements for design and compliance.
"Permitting Information" guides you through the permitting process and the different types of permits,
"Documents and Handouts" is a complete collection of all available informational documents, handouts, support files, affidavits, agreements, references, and resources. 
For assistance, please call 1-866-957-3764, option 1, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday

Community Development Department Responsibilities

The Community Development Department is the combination of the Planning and the Code Enforcement Divisions. Comprehensive services within both of these divisions are provided to citizens, businesses, builders, and developers. The department evaluates issues relative to development occurring within the Town. The Planning staff is primarily responsible for administering and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, and applicable sections of the Municipal Code.

Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement staff is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the adopted building, plumbing, gas/mechanical, housing, swimming pool and fire codes and provides support to the Board of Plumbing and Gas/Mechanical Examiners. 

Division Services

  • Assistance to Citizens - Codes officers investigate citizen complaints about violations of Farragut's Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinance. The staff also answers general questions about remodeling projects or new construction from Farragut residents.
  • Review of all Commercial and Residential Construction Plans - All commercial and residential construction plans are reviewed to ensure they meet minimum code requirements (please see Adopted Code Information above for the current requirements). 
  • Permits - Various permits are required for all new construction and a vast majority of remodeling, both commercial and residential. For information about the when permits are required click the button above. The fee schedule is located under documents and handouts above along with additional informational documents to help builders and homeowners through the permitting and inspections process.
  • Inspections - Codes officers conduct inspections by appointment only with a one-day turnaround if available. All permit fees must be paid before an inspection can be scheduled. All inspections are requested and scheduled online through our online permitting and inspections software, My Government Online (MGO). Please see the Residential Inspections Handout located under Documents and Handouts above. Electrical inspections are performed by Lenoir City Utilities Board and must be scheduled by calling (865) 986-6591.
  • Fire and Safety Inspections - Annual inspections of commercial buildings for fire and safety codes are conducted through a joint agreement between the Town and Rural/Metro Inc. These inspections occur on a scheduled basis or when there is a change in occupancy in a building. New commercial plans are reviewed, and construction is inspected to ensure compliance with fire codes. For information about burn permits, please click here.   
  • Licensing for Plumbing and Gas / Mechanical Contractors - The Town of Farragut requires all plumbing and gas/mechanical contractors performing work in the Town of Farragut to be licensed and to obtain permits for any work being done in Farragut. Application packets are available from the Farragut Codes Enforcement Division and require a review by the Board of Plumbing and Gas/Mechanical Examiners. NOTE: A Manual "J" report shall be submitted with all mechanical permit applications. No permit will be issued without a Manual "J" report.

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