Public Works


The Public Works Department provides various services relating to public facilities within the Town of Farragut.


  • Street Maintenance - Maintenance of designated street lights, placement of street signs, public property litter control, emergency patching, string trimming, and response to emergency situations are all part of street maintenance. In addition, repair and reconstruction of curbing, in conjunction with street resurfacing, is largely handled by the Town of Farragut.  
  • Park and Public Facility Maintenance - Includes maintenance of Town of Farragut parks, including Anchor Park on Turkey Creek Road, BlueCross Healthy Place Park at the Farragut Town Hall, Founders Park on Campbell Station Road, Mayor Bob Leonard Park on Watt Road, and McFee Park on McFee Road. For more information on Town of Farragut parks, visit the Parks & Recreation website. In addition to maintaining Town parks, the Public Works Department also maintains Town greenways, publicly owned spaces, future parkland, Farragut Town Hall, Public Works facility and all other Town-owned properties. This includes weekly mowing, litter control, facility cleaning and maintenance, equipment repairs, seasonal field maintenance, preparation of athletic fields and venues, and construction and installation of park equipment and accessory structures.  
  • Rights of Way Mowing - The Town currently provides mowing services along all major rights of way. This program also includes trimming vegetation to ensure visibility for signs and at intersections 
  • Drainage Projects - Public drainage projects that improve the capital investments and infrastructure of the Town. 
  • Seasonal Decorations - Holiday lighting and decorations, including over 60 “trees of light” at Founders Park at Campbell Station, rooftop Christmas trees and special lighting at the Farragut Town Hall, and installation of seasonal street banners.
  • Snow Removal - In the fall of each year, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approves a snow removal plan that dictates the order that streets will be plowed in the event of a snow or ice storm. View this year's Snow Removal Schedule.