Courtroom Procedures

Trial Dates and Location

Municipal Court hears cases in the Board Room located on the ground floor of the Farragut Town Hall. 

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Court Clerk

The Municipal Court Clerk is responsible for maintaining the permanent court docket and all citations. The Clerk also receives monies for fines and costs. The Clerk's office is open during regular business hours as set by the Town of Farragut. You may contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 865-218-3363.

Order of Hearing

The court generally hears Town of Farragut ordinance cases first and then concludes with traffic enforcement cases.

No Weapons Policy

Weapons of any kind are not permitted in the court. Prior to entering the court, all people are subject to a screening by the Court Officer.

Trial Exhibits

The court prefers that any party wishing to introduce exhibits into evidence at trial provide all parties with copies of those exhibits prior to trial. For planning purposes, parties should expect that the original of any exhibit introduced and accepted into evidence at trial will remain with the court as an exhibit until the conclusion of trial. All original trial exhibits will be returned to the party that introduced the exhibit into evidence at the conclusion of the trial.

Courtroom Decorum

Wear clothing suitable for court. While business or formal attire is not required, you should dress in a manner that shows respect for the court and that shows that you are serious about your case.

Arrive at court on time or before court. If you are not present in court at the time your case is called for trial, the Court may proceed to a hearing without you.

Do not move around the courtroom when you are being questioned, when you are providing testimony to the court, or when you are questioning others. Try to remain behind the podium or in the area identified by Court Staff that is appropriate for testifying or asking questions.

Stand when providing testimony to the Court or examining witnesses.

Silence all mobile telephones and electronic devices while in court.

Do not argue with the court, Court Staff, witnesses, or anyone in the courtroom.

Default Judgment

If a party received a citation or summons to appear before the Town of Farragut Municipal Court and fails to appear at the scheduled time of the hearing, the judge may proceed with the hearing and enter a judgment by default against the non-appearing party.

Court Costs

The Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen sets the amount of court costs. The maximum court cost is $115.00 per case.


If you receive a citation or summons and cannot appear at the hearing date and time identified in that document, it is advisable for you to contact the Municipal Court Clerk well in advance of the court hearing time and formally request a postponement or continuance. If a continuance is granted, the Court Clerk will reschedule your case to the next available docket. 

If you need special assistance please contact the Town's ADA Coordinator

Michelle Pence
Human Resources / ADA Coordinator
Town of Farragut
11408 Municipal Center Drive
Farragut, Tennessee 37934
Phone: 865-966-7057
Fax: 865-675-2096