Architectural Design standards

Town of Farragut Architectural Design Standards and Related Documents

Architectural Design Standards Overview

The Town of Farragut is embarking on a project to create a comprehensive set of architectural design standards to enhance community image and help implement the objectives of the 2012 Comprehensive Land Use Plan update. This project is led by urban design firm Winter & Company.

The intent of the architectural design standards is to promote consistent, high quality design in Farragut’s commercial, mixed-use and multi-family districts which will enhance appearance and protect the economic base of the community. The standards will be professionally illustrated and include special guidance for unique contexts throughout Farragut.

What are the benefits of Design Standards?
The Town of Farragut is considering architectural design standards because they may help:
  • Enhance community appearance
  • Ensure predictability and consistency in design
  • Protect investments by assuring high-quality design in surrounding development
  • Market the community as a great place to live and work
What do Design Standards address?
Design standards may address a variety of context-specific considerations for new development and redevelopment, including:
  • Building placement
  • Building heights
  • Building form and accents
  • Building materials and color
  • Site landscaping
  • Connections between properties
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access
  • Parking design
  • Sustainability
  • Lighting and signage
  • Site drainage
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