Athletic Field RentalS

Fall/Winter 2019 Field Use (Prepay Only)

Beginning July 29, groups can reserve the Town's natural grass athletic fields through Sunday, November 3 and synthetic turf athletic fields through Sunday, March 1 on a first-come, first-served prepay basis. To be eligible to reserve a field, groups need to complete the Prepay Application (available below) and provide the Town with proof of liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in coverage. For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (865) 966-7057.

Field Rental Fees:

  • $40/hr - Synthetic turf fields
  • $20/hr - non synthetic turf fields (Anchor Park, McFee Park, Mayor Bob Leonard Park diamond fields)

Field Use Prepay Application
Synthetic Turf Rules
View Field Use Calendar 

Field allocation Requests


The application packet for athletic organizations requesting field use at any Farragut park for fall and winter 2019 is now available. Tournament applications are also available and can be requested through the winter of 2021. Town fields will open for the fall/winter season on Monday, August 5,  2019.

The deadline to return completed field use packets is Thursday, May 23 by 12:00p.m. A representative from each group requesting field use for fall/winter 2019 is encouraged to attend a meeting of all user groups at 6 p.m. and is required to attend the Parks and Athletics Council field allocation meeting on Tuesday, June 11, at 7 p.m. For more information or to request a packet by mail, please email the Parks & Recreation office at or call 218-3376.

Field Use Priority Policy

The Town of Farragut Parks and Athletic Council will determine final allocations by using the priority guideline below and by considering current community needs and trends. History of compliance with Town of Farragut Parks & Recreation procedures and adhering to group responsibilities will also be considered.

Priority Guideline:
1. Town of Farragut Sponsored Programs & Events
2. Recreational Organizations that serve the Farragut community
3. Competitive/Select Organizations that serve the Farragut community

Note: Private group events and other organizations who do not serve the Farragut community will not be included in allocation. These groups will be considered pre-pay and will be able to request field time on Monday, August 12.

Tournaments will receive priority and will be balanced with league play and practice. Tournament requests should be submitted 4-12 months in advance.

Fall/Winter 2019 Field Allocation Packet

Synthetic Turf Rules
Liability Insurance Example

Tournament Requests

Groups can request the use of Town athletic fields for tournaments up to one year in advance. For more information, click on the link below or contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 218-3372.

Tournament and Camp Application
Farragut Hotel Information
Farragut Attractions

Field Descriptions

Mayor Bob Leonard Park (MBLP) – All fields are lighted: 301 Watt Road

Diamond Fields:

  • Upper - Skinned Infield (285' radius) - 60’ & 70' bases; located off main parking lot on Watt Road 
  • Lower - Skinned Infield (285' radius) - 60' & 70' bases; located off upper parking on Watt Road 
  • West - Skinned Infield (300' radius) - portable mound, 70' & 80’ bases; located near parking lot on Harrison Lane 
  • East - Grass infield (300' down the line; 325' alleys; 350' center field) - 60’6” mound, 90' bases; located off main parking lot on Watt Road.

Rectangular Fields:

  • Field 1 - (180' x 360') - Synthetic Turf; located north of parking lot on Harrison Lane 
  • Field 2 - (180' x 336') - Synthetic Turf; located north center of park near upper parking lot on Watt Road 
  • Field 3 - (165’ x 360’) - Synthetic Turf; located off main parking lot on Watt Road 
  • Field 5 - (120' x 220') - Fescue; located off parking lot on Harrison Lane (nearest to woods) 
  • Field 6 - (120' x 220') – Fescue; located off parking lot on Harrison Lane (nearest to road)                  

Anchor Park (AP) – Fields are not lighted: 11730 Turkey Creek Road

*These two fields are closed June 2019-March 2020

  • Rectangular field - (180’ x 330’) - Fescue 
  • Diamond field  - (275' down the line; 290' center field) 

McFee Park – All fields are lighted:  917 McFee Road

  • Field 1 - (195’ x 330’) - Bermuda) - Due to the proximity to and orientation of the walking trails, this field is not be available for lacrosse use 
  • Field 2 - (75’ x 120’) – Bermuda – Due to the proximity to and orientation of the walking trails, this field is not available for lacrosse use – This field has no goals 

Tennessee Sports Concussion Law 

Youth Sports Organizations who utilize Town of Farragut athletic facilities for games and practices must provide proof (annually) their organization is in compliance with the Tennessee Sports Concussion Law.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Law

Youth Sports Organizations using any Town of Farragut athletic fields must be in compliance with the Tennessee General Assembly Public Chapter 325 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention' applying to both public and private schools and community recreational leagues, covering all sports, for children under the age of 18 that require a participation fee.
A photo of young women playing Lacrosse on a Farragut athletic field.