Special Event Application Process

The Town of Farragut has a very defined Event Application process for a business or organization wishing to host any type of special event within Town borders. This page contains the necessary information for submitting an event application and working through the approval process.

Special Event Permit Application Information

Please visit www.mygovernmentonline.org to fill out and submit a special event application online. Click here for instructions on how to submit a Special Event Permit Application online.

Once an Event Application is submitted, the application is reviewed by the Town of Farragut Event Committee. Event meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 2 p.m. Attendance by the applicant is required for most events. All applicable Town approvals must be obtained prior to advertising and accepting registration entries for an event. 

There is a non-refundable permit fee of $25. Other fees may apply for additional required permits. Once an application is submitted, an invoice will be emailed to the applicant with all applicable fees which can be paid online or in person at the Farragut Town Hall.

Special Event Permit Applications Deadlines:

  • Events requiring use of public infrastructure (greenways, roads, closures, etc.) and/or are requesting a beer, liquor or wine permit must file at least 90 days prior to the event but not more than 365 days prior to the event. 
  • Events held on public property that are not requesting a beer, liquor or wine permit must file at least 45 days in advance and prior to the event committee meeting the month preceding the event. 
If you wish to have your event at Founders Park at Campbell Station, please contact the Town of Farragut Parks & Recreation Department at 865-218-3376 to discuss availability and to receive approval before submitting your application. 

For more information or questions, call 865-675-2384 or email events@townoffarragut.org.