Advanced Traffic Management System: Phase 1

Project Description:

The Town of Farragut has applied for a Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant for this project.  This project is seeking to implement a Town-wide signal system upgrade. The goal of the project is to further improve traffic flow by upgrading the Town's existing closed loop signal system to a centrally controlled signal system that will assist the Town in managing their traffic signal network. The limits of the project will include the entirety of the Town's signal system, which totals 26 signals. This project would be 100% funded through the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) via the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant Program.

Major items to be upgraded for this project will be to purchase a central traffic signal control software, replacement of the Town's current Peek 3000 series controllers with the modern generation advanced traffic controllers, and upgrade to Ethernet communication as needed. Additional upgrades will include bringing the pedestrian infrastructure at a signalized intersection to current PROWAG standards, cabinet upgrades, detection upgrades, installing flashing yellow arrow signal heads at intersections where lead-lag protected-permissive left-turn phasing would allow for better signal progression, and replacing span wire signals with mast arms. Finally, the traffic signal coordination timing will be updated once the hardware upgrades have been constructed and are fully operational.  

Upgrading the Town’s traffic signal system will allow for more efficient management of the transportation network. Travel time and traffic delays will be decreased, which will in turn decrease air emissions. This effort will play an integral part in the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization’s goal to protect roadway capacity, address congestion mitigation, and maximize air quality improvements.

Project Budget: 


Project Designer: 

Cannon & Cannon Inc. and Kimley-Horn (Project Consultant)

Current Contract Amount: 



Engineering Department (865) 966-7057


Construction underway with projected completion in summer 2024.