young boy wearing a rain suit and playing with a blue truck in a large puddleKids are naturally curious and ask a lot of questions. We have plenty of fun resources for the little ones to learn about stormwater, pollution and how they can help (they may even teach adults some neat things they learned).

So read on to find some activities that will be fun for the kids in your life. Engage them and build on their are full of surprises!

Activity/Coloring Books

Clean Water Raingers - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventure (good for grades K-3)- Environmental Protection Agency

Be a Solution to Water Pollution - Clean Water Campaign

Online Games

Discover Water - A super fun way to learn about the water cycle, oceans, saving water, and more.

Tip Tank - Play this fun matching game to learn tips about conserving water.


Edible Aquifer - Learn about aquifers while having a tasty snack!

Record Your Water Usage - Track the daily amount of water you and your family to start a conversation about conserving water.

Make Your Own Watershed - All you need is water, paper, and some colored markers!  This hands-on activity will help with your child’s  understanding of a watershed.

Water Cycle Bracelets - Feeling creative?  Use this activity to craft with your child while also teaching them the water cycle.


Filter - Create and build your own water filter and see which pollutants are most difficult to filter out.

Even More!!!

Visit the Town's stormwater events page for a list of stormwater-related events that may be good for kids. 

Also, Check out these other sites for even more stormwater-related educational resources for kids.

Knox County Stormwater - Children's books about water pollution

Environmental Protection Agency