Town Stormwater Projects

Featured Projects

group of middle school-aged students at Outdoor Classroom

In November 2017, students from Concord Christian School worked under the guidance of AmeriCorps member, Abbie Casey, to remove weeds and plant cover crop seeds in six raised planter beds at the Outdoor Classroom. To see other projects completed at the Outdoor Classroom or to get involved with your own project, visit the Outdoor Classroom page.

two people planting a bare root tree seedling. the feet of two people, the bottom of a dibble bar, a

In March 2017, a group of volunteers planted 162 bare root tree seedlings between Wentworth Greenway and Little Turkey Creek. The trees will filter pollutants, slow down stormwater runoff, and provide shade to the stream among other things. The tree planting occurred after the removal of nearly 2,000 pounds of invasive plant species from the edge of the stream.

map of storrmwater assets portrayed by points and lines

The Town of Farragut has contracted with CEC to identify, locate, and assess the different stormwater structures that are owned by the Town. CEC staff will map stormwater infrastructure assets and assess their condition. CEC will compile GIS maps for the Town and a detailed report. This work is mandated by the state, but it will also lead to the development of a stormwater infrastructure improvement plan.


Outdoor Classroom

raised planter beds and pathway with large pavillion and cistern in the back

The Town of Farragut Outdoor Classroom and Water Quality Demonstration Space opened in 2014. Since then, numerous community-driven projects have been completed to enhance the space and the knowledge of the participants involved. Completed projects include an edible garden, the building of raised planter beds and picnic tables, engineering research and more. Visit the Outdoor Classroom webpage to learn about other projects completed and how you and/or your group can get involved. 

Tree Planting

a small group of high school students planting bare root tree seedlings in a fielda group of four people planting bare root tree seedlings in a field
AmeriCorps member showing a group of students how to use a dibble bar to plant bare root tree seedli

In the spring of 2017, AmeriCorps member, Courtney Alley, reached out to Farragut schools and organizations to identify possible tree planting locations. She identified three locations with the willingness and space to plant a variety of bare root tree seedlings. Thanks to a grant from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Town was able to purchase the seedlings and work with members of the community to plant 147 trees.

McFee Park

permeable.jpgNot only is McFee Park an exceptional destination for outdoor recreation in the Town of Farragut, it is also home to several contemporary water quality demonstrations.
- permeable pavers in lieu of asphalt
- bioswales and lowered curb instead of traffic islands

These low impact developent (LID) practices combined with abundant landscaping allow for optimal stormwater infiltration and evapotranspiration, which significantly reduces runoff and the potential to transport pollutants off-site.