Stormwater Events

SWM_Standard.jpg water quality forum logo rectangular with stream lines flowing through

The Town stormwater program hosts a variety of educational workshops for the public to learn more about stormwater and pollution prevention from area experts. Aside from events developed solely by Town staff, the Town also works in partnership with other public and private entities as members of the Water Quality Forum

Plant Giveaway

photo collage of tall prairie grasses and yellow flowersFor many years, the Town of Farragut stormwater program has provided free trees and shrubs to the community. It's typically funded thanks to a grant from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and other stormwater program funding, which has enabled us to give away over 500 bare root seedlings each year.

Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show

dogwood arts house and garden show logo black and green lettering with a line over the top representThis is a 3-day, general public education & outreach event hosted by Dogwood Arts. Multiple jurisdictions come together to host a booth and we typically have information about rain gardens, rain barrel distribution, rain barrel making workshops and general information about stormwater and pollution prevention.

View the event website.

Rain Barrel Workshops

man and woman showing attendees how to put together a rain barrelThe Town is a host location for one of three educational workshops throughout Knox County. During the workshop, participants learn about stormwater and the benefits of rain barrels through a presentation delivered by the Town Stormwater Coordinator and AmeriCorps member. Participants are shown how to build their own rain barrel and leave with all of the parts to complete the project and install at their homes. Visit the event website.

River Rescue

river rescue logo teal medical cross with river type lines Volunteers for River Rescue, organized by Ijams Nature Center and the Water Quality Forum, spend several hours helping to pick up trash and debris that is clogging and polluting Knoxville’s river and creeks. The community-wide annual event covers 40 different cleanup sites along the Tennessee River and associated creek tributaries. Each year, approximately 1,000 volunteers clean up tons of trash for our local waterways.

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waterfest logo light blue pond with water droplets splashing up like a fountain

An event all about water and all for kids. This event has organizations from throughout the area including utilities, government entities, non-profits, etc. in one place offering fun and engaging activities and stories for elementary school kids. 

Visit the event website.

Families in the Creek

people of varying ages holding up a net with fish in a small streamFamilies in the Creek is a family event and is free to the public. You will be able to learn about the creek’s aquatic life and what you can to do to help keep our community’s creeks clean through three activities: fish assessment, benthic macroinvertebrate assessment, and stewardship activities.

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Rain Barrel Sales

close up of many grey rain barrels lined up togetherA Water Quality Forum event, the Town provides assistance in distributing ready-to-install rain barrels as part of a truck load sale.Rain barrels have a 50 gallon capacity and are made of recycled plastic here in the USA.

Visit the event website.


adopt a stream logo round with a blue river and green hand palm upThe Knox Area Water Quality Forum in cooperation with the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the Town of Farragut, the City of Oak Ridge and the University of Tennessee have partnered to form the Adopt-A-Stream Program, a citizen-based monitoring and litter prevention initiative intended to protect the health and serenity of our local waterways and educate our communities on the environmental concerns that impact them every day on a personal level.  Visit the program website.