Permitting, Planning and Zoning

Town of Farragut online permitting and inspections

The Town of Farragut launched MyGovernmentOnline permitting and inspections software on May 21, 2019. All new permitting, planning and zoning processes will be conducted through this software, as will citizen requests. 

Visit the MyGovernmentOnline customer portal at Permitting instructions and additional resources are available on the Documents and Handouts page. If you have any questions please contact the Planning & Zoning office at 865-675-2384.

Contractors and residents will now use MyGovernmentOnline to:

  • Apply online for building permits, trade permits, planning and zoning permits, special events permits, temporary signs / grand opening signs, and more
  • Submit paperless plans and documents via PDF format
  • Request inspections online and view or print completed inspection reports
  • Receive real-time email, text or telephone notifications when an inspection is completed

Contractors, developers and residents are encouraged to proceed with creating a free MyGovernmentOnline account if they do not already have one. 

For directions on creating an account, click here.

For permitting instructions, refer to Permit Process and Requirements.

Be aware that a confirmation phone call from MyGovernmentOnline will be sent to the phone number associated with the new account within 15 minutes of creation. The account will not be activated unless the call is answered.

Citizen requests will also be submitted through the portal. Concerns like potholes, missing road signs, overgrown lots, vandalism, etc., that were formerly submitted via the Citizen Request Tracker on the Town’s website will be submitted to the Solution Center on MyGovernmentOnline. Users will need to create a new account.

As of May 21, 2019, all Farragut permit applications and planning documents must be submitted online. A computer kiosk for this purpose will be available in the Community Development/Codes office in Town Hall, and staff will be available for assistance. Payments can be made online via Visa and Mastercard, but customers will also have the option of paying in Community Development/Codes office via cash or check.

Please note that all documents required with an application, such as architectural plans, civil plans, surveys, engineered layouts, etc., must be uploaded in PDF format.

For assistance with the MyGovernmentOnline software, please call their technical support line at 1-866-957-3764, option 1, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday.

photo of plumbing inspection


For assistance with the MyGovernmentOnline software, please call the technical support line at 1-866-957-3764, option 1, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. 

Any questions on projects prior to May 21, 2019, please contact the Planning & Zoning office 865-675-2384.