Educational Programs

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Our Stormwater Explorers program is designed to educate students on how to be good stewards of our local and national water resources. It is designed for students in grades 6-12, but can be modified to fit younger students.

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A FREE, fun-filled and educational school field trip for K-3 students. The town participates in this program via a partnership with the Water Quality Forum, a local non-profit.

woman and young man demonstrating how to build a rain barrel

Explore other town stormwater-related educational events on our events page. We host workshops and participate in a variety of educational events and opportunities via our partnership with the Water Quality Forum.

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Learn even more and stay up to date on town stormwater events by following our posts on Facebook. We create and share a variety of stormwater- and wildlife-related, educational messages that range from inspirational to funny to technical. We provide something for everyone!

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The town has recently embarked on a journey to become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Community! This program has a lot of overlap with the stormwater program because healthy stormwater practices and water quality are beneficial for a variety of wildlife. Learn more about this program by visiting the town’s Wonderful Wildlife website. You can even get involved in this effort by certifying your own property!