How much does it cost to certify my property?

The cost to certify a yard or garden is $20. Schoolyards certify for FREE. The fee can be paid online when you fill in your application. 

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1. What are the basics of the Farragut Wonderful Wildlife program?
2. How will the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program help wildlife in Farragut?
3. How will the certification help Farragut as a community?
4. As an individual and a Farragut resident, what can I do to contribute to this community initiative?
5. How much does it cost to certify my property?
6. What does the fee cover?
7. I am very proud to say that my property is now certified. I would love to get a sign that shows that I’m part of this program. Where can I get it?
8. Will I get snakes and other dangerous wildlife in my backyard if I take part in this program?
9. I am curious to know who else in the Town, or even my neighborhood, is certified. Is it possible to get a list of such folks?
10. I live in an apartment/condo/townhouse and do not have a backyard. I would still like to participate in this initiative. What can I do?
11. What happens when I move? Does this affect my deed or is it legally binding in any way?