What do I need to submit for a residential building permit?
A Building Permit Application must be completed and submitted with the following: a copy of the contractor's license performing the work (if no contractor is conducting the work, the homeowner will need to complete an affidavit of exemption); a copy of the contractor's certificate of liability insurance; two (2) complete copies of the proposed building plans; two (2) copies of the proposed site plan (to an engineer's scale) that shows all proposed improvements in relation to property lines, easements, and building and lot coverages; and two (2) copies of an erosion control plan showing the proposed location of all silt fences and/or other proposed erosion control measures and where the construction entrance is proposed. For a detailed list on the requirements for working construction documents, the site plan and erosion control, please see our Residential Construction General Information, Permitting and Inspections Booklet. The Booklet can be seen online or a copy can be obtained at the Farragut Town Hall in the Building Codes Department.

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